Keynote: Raquel Willis
Raquel Willis is a writer, actvist, social media maven, and a graduate of the University of Georgia. 

Senior Student Speaker: Logan M. Riddle 

Graduates: 27


Keynote: Dr. Erin Richman 
Erin Richman, is a University of Georgia alumna who currently serves as Associate Vice President within the Division of Student Services at Flordia State College at Jacksonville. 

Senior Student Speaker: Campbell Wilks

Graduate Student Speaker: Ciera Durden 

Graduates: 30


Keynote: Ashland Johnson, Athlete Ally’s Director of Policy and Campaigns Ashland Johnson, is a UGA Law School alumna who currently serves as the Director of Policy and Campaigns with Athlete Ally.  

Senior Student Speakers: Cindy Blair & Erica Lee

Graduates: 19  


Keynote: Dr. Michael Shutt, Interim Senior Director for the Center for Diversity and Inclusion at Emory University

Senior Student Speaker: Ciera Durden 

Graduates: 31


Keynote: Dr. Dawn Bennett-Alexander, Associate Professor of Employment Law & Legal Studies in the University of Georgia’s Terry College of BusinessDr. B-A is a fierce advocate who has made it her mission to live openly and dispel the myths and misconceptions about being a member of the LGBT community.

Senior Student Speaker: Raquel Willis 

Graduates: 22  


Keynote: Vandy Beth GlennGraduate of the Grady College of Journalism & Mass Communication who was fired from her position as a legislative editor in the Georgia General Assembly and brought a federal case before the federal court for the Northen District of Georgia and later the federal Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, both of which ruled in her favor.

Senior Student Speaker: Jackson Anderson Stone 

Graduates: 26  


Keynote: Tyler Helms, Vice President – Group Account Director at DeutschPublished writer, advocate, and community voice in the ongoing effort to raise awareness, education, and prevention of HIV/AIDS

Senior Student Speaker: Jessica Nicole Brand 

Graduates: 27  


Keynote: Diego Sanchez, Graduate of the Grady College of Journalism & Mass CommunicationFirst openly transgender staff on Capitol Hill.

Senior Student Speakers: Katherine Bernadette & Shawna Scott 

Graduates: 12  


Keynote: LeeAnn Jones, Partner with Powell Goldenstein LLC in Atlanta.“Double Dawg” Alumna with an AB and JD from UGA.

Senior Student Speaker: Adam Thomas 

Graduates: 13  


Keynote: Vernon Wall, Former UGA staff member, author, and social justice educator.

Senior Student Speaker: Tiffany Holder

Graduates: 18  


Keynote: Cathy WoolardUGA Graduate & first openly LGBT person elected in the State of Georgia.

Senior Student Speaker: Patrick Miller 

Graduates: 13  


Keynote: Patricia CainUGA Law School Graduate and author of Rainbow Rights.

Senior Student Speaker: Stephanie Papps & Gareth Griffin 

Graduates: 10