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University Housing

University Housing is dedicated to assisting students with accommodation needs that are not covered by the DRC (e.g., medical reasons, navigating gender assignments, alternative housing options). For assistance, students can contact Kim Ellis, Associate Director for Assignments and Contracts, at 706-542-1421 or

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Graduate Pride

A group for graduate students at UGA who identify as LGBTQIA+ to build community. The mission of Graduate Pride shall be to build community for, advocate for, and provide support to the LGBTQIA graduate and professional students at the University of Georgia.

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Women’s Studies Student Organization

The Women’s Studies Student Organization is dedicated to progressive activism and building feminist solidarity in the UGA and Athens communities. We aim to create change by partnering with other organizations to host educational and advocacy events.

International Student Life

The department of International Student Life (ISL) enhances the student‐learning environment through programs and services that internationalize the campus experience.

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Multicultural Services and Programs

The Office of Multicultural Services and Programs works to create an inclusive campus environment by supporting the development and affirming the overall experiences of all students, particularly multicultural students.

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Sexual Health Advocacy Group

SHAG is an inclusive, student-led organization that strives to open up the conversation about sexual health, sex positivity, and sexual communication. By providing knowledge and resources to our campus and community, we empower individuals to be in control of their sexuality.

Counseling and Psychiatric Services

CAPS offers short-term individual and couples therapy, group counseling, psychiatric evaluations and medication monitoring, programs and workshops, crisis intervention, and referral assistance to campus and community resources when appropriate. The CAPS liaison for the LGBTRC is Dr. Shannon Bowles.

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Relationship & Sexual Violence Prevention

Surviving sexual abuse and reaching out for help takes tremendous courage and strength. Whether you have been recently assaulted, know someone who has been affected by abuse or are healing from past trauma, support is here.

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Health Promotion

The staff of the Health Promotion Department is committed to educating students about the impact of their choices on their health, and on the community, and to promoting community norms that support health enhancing behaviors.

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University Health Center

The University Health Center exists to advance the physical and mental health of students and other eligible members of the University community in a way that supports academic success and student retention. NOTE: All the restrooms at UHC are single-stall and marked for All Genders.

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Women@UGA highlights women’s services, organizations, programs, and events across campus. It provides a hub for safety information, community support, and advocacy for women.

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UGA Psychology Clinic

The Psychology Clinic is an outpatient mental health clinic operated by the Clinical Training Program of the Department of Psychology at The University of Georgia. We are committed to providing low cost psychological services, both psychotherapy and psychological assessment, for adults, children, couples, and families in the Athens community.

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The ASPIRE Clinic

The ASPIRE Clinic provides holistic counseling and education services to the UGA and Athens communities. Counseling services including individual, couple, family therapy, financial counseling and education, nutrition counseling and education, and also legal problem solving sessions.

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Hygiene Closet

Located in Dawson Hall, the Hygiene Closet is a collaborative effort of the Student Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (SAFCS) and supported by the College of Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) and Embark UGA. Embark, a UGA resource for students who have experienced foster care or homelessness, indicated the need for a hygiene closet with a variety of personal hygiene items are stocked for students to access as needed.

Career Center

The career center staff facilitates, motivates, and empowers students to explore options and pursue careers. The center provides a comprehensive range of services, programs, and materials focusing on career exploration & decision-making, skill development, experiential learning, and career employment.

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Peace Corps Prep

The University of Georgia’s Office of International Education and Peace Corps host the Peace Corp Prep certificate program to help undergraduate students build the knowledge and acquire the skills necessary to join and serve in your preferred program area of the Peace Corps.

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Health Coaching

Health coaching supports an individual’s own motivations and strengths. Students will map their path for positive behavior change(s) through a collaborative, unbiased partnership. 706-542-8690